In Unreal Engine, it is possible to set a delay for the function to execute after a single tick, which is sometimes useful when working with UMG/Slate side of things where the widget properties are only available after a complete rebuild, such as obtaining the desired size of the widget’s geometry, which is often not accessible right after initializing or constructing the widget. In such cases, you may want to implement a delay, as described in this article , but sometimes even a single tick delay is sufficient and can enhance the overall user experience, preventing visual hitches and abrupt interactions.

C++ Example
if (UWorld* World = GetWorld())
	World->GetTimerManager().SetTimerForNextTick(FTimerDelegate::CreateWeakLambda(this, [this]()
		UE_LOG(LogTemp, Warning, TEXT("This will be printed in log after 1 tick"));

Blueprints Example Delay Until Next Tick